Medical Assistant & LPN’s: What’s the difference?

Two of the hottest careers in the medical field are medical assistant and licensed practical nurse. Both careers have really great job outlooks on top of benefits, pay, and providing workers with a sense that what they do not only matter, but also makes a perceivable difference in the world around them. Now, a lot of people get confused between MA’s and LPN’s because of the fact that they are both professions that require a short amount of time spent in an educational institute. In a way, MA’s and LPN’s are trade school careers in which one can become qualified and certified through certification programs or technical colleges.

One of the reasons that people often confuse MA’s and LPN’s is because they both do basic administrative and clinical functions depending on their location and staff. An LPN might do some administrative work at a physician’s office if the office is understaffed in terms of MA’s or administrative assistants. However, an LPN in a clinic or hospital would be more focused on clinical work than anything else. They are more qualified for procedures and routine check ups than any medical assistant.

Medical assistants aren’t as qualified for procedures as LPN’s, and they are also not paid as much as them either. At the same time an LPN has the ability to move up to RN (registered nurse) which guarantees them more pay, and it also qualifies them for a lot more duties within their designed health care facility. However, LPN’s have a lot more stress than medical assistants. They deal with a lot more patients and see more gruesome things than any medical assistant would.

To summarize, LPN is a better career if you’re looking to do more but have more stress. Medical assisting is a great career that really helps you tip-toe into the healthcare field.

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